24 June 2010

And off we go!

Yes, it's time. I'm no longer reserving my opinions for my top-secret group of FB friends, message board friends, and those unlucky strangers within hearing of my rather distinctive (muppetlike?) voice.

Originally, I figured I would only start a blog if it had a focused purpose: food recipes? restaurant reviews? movie reviews? reviews of current events? Well, I have this problem, see; I have a hard time narrowing things down. It's why my schedule is always full and yet I never seem to have time to do everything I want. It's why I can mostly play 4 instruments, own at least one piece of equipment for almost every kind of sport or outdoor activity, and it's probably also why I have a mixed breed dog. When people ask "this or that?" my only honest answer is "Both, please!"

So here it is: my blog of nothing in particular. Read it; don't read it; comment; don't comment; like it; don't like it-- it's all good. This is still a free country-- I can say what I like and you can agree or not.

And that is a beautiful thing...

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